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Based on 20+ years of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience I’m bringing a broad range of skills and perspectives to the table.

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Experience-based skills, understanding, perspectives and solutions

My diverse experience allows me to offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs, from classical and straightforward assignments to more radical and exploratory.

Look below to get an idea about what I can do for you, as the starting point for discussing your needs and opportunities. How ambitious and radical do you dare to be?

Brainstorming Session

Growth Support

Conquering your complexity and getting things done

Market analysis, -segmentation and planning

Market-, sales- and business modelling

Innovation project management, facilitation and/or coaching

Business Group

Growth Management

Defining your way forward and building your innovation capabilities

Facilitating data- and insights-driven strategy processes (linear)

Developing innovation capabilities of leaders and operational resources

Managing innovation processes and portfolios

doing work together

Growth Leadership

Transforming your organization and leadership towards a new future

Facilitating purpose- and passion-driven strategy processes (exponential)

Unleashing authentic qualities that make a difference to people

Building responsive and participatory organizations

Brainstorming Session


Advice and capacity conquering your complexity and getting things done

What if you could identify, quantify and address new growth opportunities?
What are your bottle necks for making more informed and better decisions?
Which competencies do you need to strengthen your development capacity?


Navigate your market opportunities

Improve your market understanding and efforts

If you're not fully up to speed on your market, you may improve in areas such as:

  • Market analysis summarizing our best understanding of the market

  • Market segmentation identifying key market dimensions and target groups

  • Market planning outlining how to act on our understanding and opportunities

Quantify your options

Help identify and prioritize the most promising growth opportunities

If you're having a hard time deciding which efforts to prioritise, and how much to invest in them, you may benefit from:

  • Market modelling of current and future opportunities in alternative scenarios

  • Sales modelling of alternative positions we may seek within these scenarios

  • Business modelling in an integrated P&L perspective with sensitivity analysis

Develop new solutions

Act on the opportunities by developing new solutions

If you would like to strengthen your pipeline of innovation initiatives, I may top up or improve your capacity through:

  • Innovation project management, taking on this operational role in one or more projects

  • Innovation project facilitation, where I could support projects from a process perspective
  • Innovation project coaching, offering individual support and advice behind the scene

Business Group


Defining your way forward and building your innovation capabilities

What do you know and believe about your current and future?
Which are your most promising strongholds and areas of improvement?
How can you strengthen your capability to renew your offering and yourselves?


Understand and navigate your future

Agree on the bigger picture and your long-term commitment

I can facilitate data- and insights-driven strategy processes (linear) if you want to:

  • Establish a robust and shared knowledge base for informed decision-making

  • Identify novel insights and the most promising opportunities for growth

  • Define your ways forward including ambitions and investments

Develop your ability to renew

Strengthen your collective innovation capabilities

If you want to develop innovation capabilities of leaders and operational resources I can help by:

  • Creating a deep and shared understanding of relevant aspects of innovation

  • Providing role-/target group specific training activities and programs

  • Introducing best-practice methodology, tools and techniques

Support your innovation efforts

Establish frameworks for strategic innovation management

Establish or strengthen innovation process and portfolio management if you want:

  • More informed and strategic goal setting and decision making

  • Effective execution, collaboration and knowledge sharing

  • To systematically strengthen your capabilities over time

doing work together


Transforming your organization and leadership towards a new future

Which future do you want to create for your organization and the world?
How can you lead yourself and others to be the best versions of yourselves?
How can you organize to help people be and contribute at their best?


Create from the future

Tap into your purpose, passions and creative power

I can facilitate purpose- and passion-driven strategy processes (exponential) if you want to:

  • Make your organization purpose-driven and development-oriented

  • Define your way forward based on people's passions and talents

  • Unleash the creative power of inspired individuals and teams

Revitilize your leadership

Lead yourself and others with more authenticity and wisdom

If you want to unleash authentic leadership qualities that make a difference to people I can help by:

  • Sharing important insights about the human mind and behaviours

  • Discussing the implications for how we lead ourselves and others

  • Exploring how we can grow as individuals, leaders and teams

Develop organizations of tomorrow

Unleash the power and potential of your co-workers

Let's discuss how to build responsive and participatory organizations if you're curious about how to:

  • Continually develop your offering and ways of working

  • Empower people and enable them to contribute at their best

  • Utilize the individual and collective wisdom in decision-making


Here are a few endorsements from some of the great people I've had the pleasure of working with, more can be found on LinkedIn


“Thomas is the smartest guy I have ever worked with. The one thing that makes him stand out vs. other bright people is how he is integrating alternative viewpoints, not only his own. It makes the team emerge with a much better answer or solution. Thomas embodies everything you want in a colleague; principled, honest, hardworking and great company. I've seen Thomas excel at leading executive workshops, and I've seen how patient and positive he is when coaching someone. So, if you ever get a chance to work with Thomas that's a chance you don't want to miss. I certainly hope to get the privilege to work with him again.”

Oyvind Ihle, Head of Global Omega-3 Nutrition at BASF

“I worked with Thomas in a project where Thomas was helping us as a consultant to plan, collect, structure and analyze internal and external market information to achieve competitive edge within one of our chosen business areas. He has a very high working capacity and work in a very structured way. His structure combined with analytical skills and highly advanced analysis tools gave us a lot of valuable results in our work.”

Frank Nordby, President Jotun Paints Inc.

“Thomas is an extremely thorough, focused, and hardworking individual. As a consultant Thomas has extremely good strategic overview and grasps both concepts and opportunities quickly.

Working together with Thomas was not only enjoyable, but Thomas' professionalism, communication and customer skills, made project progress and internal alignment effective.

For myself, I would gladly work with or alongside Thomas at any point either now or in the future and would have no doubts at all in recommending Thomas to any organization or client requiring strategic managerial skills and competence.”

Scott Harvey, Founder and Co-Owner of Kidzeboo AS


Here are some partnerships, interest organizations and communities I'm passionate about, offering different ways to grow, contribute and co-create.

The initiatives range from improvements within well-established practices such as strategy development and innovation management, to more experimental efforts exploring new aspects of work, leadership, governance and life at large!

Matters Group

Matters Group

Helping brave leaders and organizations develop sustainable businesses and positive impact by envisioning their future, empowering their people and co-creating progress. Think. Do. Matter.


I am passionate about innovation, transformation and co-creation of flourishing lives, organizations and societies.


I contribute with my presence, compassion, openness, curiosity and ability to deal with complexity, on top of 20+ years of corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial experience with a broad base of professional strongholds including:


Leadership & Organization

Corporate and entrepreneurial leadership
Strategy development and process facilitation

Leadership development rooted in personal growth
Responsive and participatory organizations

Innovation & Transformation

Innovation and transformation leadership and management
Project, portfolio and program management
Idea generation and concept development
Business cases incl. sensitivity analysis

Research & Insights

Market and business intelligence
Target group research and insights
Market, target group and needs segmentation

Market, sales and business modelling


Brand architecture and brand positioning
Market development and activity planning
Product, design and communication development

Finance & IT

Accounting incl. reporting, budgeting and forecasting
Financial modelling for strategies and M&A valuation
IT solutions for business process support and analytics

My full CV is available on LinkedIn.



Get in touch to learn more or discuss opportunities via info@kirkegaards.se or +46 739 833 123.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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